Bring Local to the Table in December

Utilizing local foods can seem easier during the warmer months. Farmer’s markets are buzzing with fresh and colorful food, grocers highlight the “local farm” choices, and it’s often cheaper to boot! What happens to eating local when the ground freezes?

Head to the dairy farm! Local dairies are a year round (and delicious) way to support local farmers. So where do you start?

First, let’s find your local dairy! This link will allow you to find the Farmer Markets closest to you. Once you filter down to the state, choose the type of product that you are looking for! For this post, I chose cheese and diary products. The website linked over 300 farms that met that criteria!

Now that you have found the farms near you, go visit them! Most diary farms offer tours and tastings of fresh products.  Once you have found your favorite, advocate for them in your local programs, grocer markets, and restaurants! Simply requesting products from local farms will spread the word of what is available in the local market.