F2ECE + Your program + PHSA= Ready Set Grow Success!

As the school year begins, we are looking forward to hear from YOU! We know that you are working diligently to provide Farm to ECE opportunities to your students and families and we want to hear about it!

We are passionate about highlighting how your site is working with local farmers. Have you planned a unit that talks about how pumpkins grow or taking a field trip to a local farm?

What about those taste tests you work hard to include so your students can identify which apple rocks their world? Hitting Goal P-SCI 3. (Child compares and categorizes observable phenomena.) has never BEEN so easy! We know you are taking pictures to include in their portfolio! Once you snag that photo release permission- we would love to showcase your hard work!

We see you infant and toddler teachers! We know that it takes a unique way of planning to bring science into your classroom, and we want to hype you up!

Have you planted a garden or are currently harvesting food from a garden planted last year?

Connect with us on facebook or email any and all local food integrations, field trips to local farms, taste test lessons, and gardening stories to carrie@paheadstart.org today to be featured in future blog posts!