Farm to Early Care and Education promotes health, wellness and high quality educational opportunities in ECE settings, it expands healthy food access and provides additional market opportunities for farmers and supports thriving communities.
Approximately 19% of children in Pennsylvania experience food insecurity, and according to the USDA, just 12% of preschools engage in farm to early care activities. Meanwhile, the need to support Pennsylvania’s agricultural economy is great. Farm to early childhood programs represent an economic and community-building opportunity for Pennsylvania farmers and a means to build stronger, more resilient food systems.
Help us educate and engage key decision makers to grow farm to early care practices throughout Pennsylvania.


ECE Policy and Systems Resources:
Ready Set Grow Report                                                                                                                                                                                    Farm to Early Care and Education in Pennsylvania: A Promising Start with Room for Growth
Farm to School in Early Childhood Builds Healthy Kids With Bright Futures: Results from a National Survey of Early Care and Education Providers
Why Racial Equity?
Ripples of Transformation: Family Engagement Toolkit - Center for the Study of Social Policy
Webinar: How Can We Engage Families for Systems Change
Kid’s Count in Washington State Racial Equity Tool. The document is also available in Spanish.
Thrive Washington Racial Equity Theory of Change Washington state’s visual road map to eliminate race as a predictor of success. The document is also available in Spanish.
Targeted Universalism The Haas Institute
BUILD Initiative Diversity and Equity Initiative
Racial Equity Contributes to Quality of Early Childhood Education


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