Making the most of seasonal food

Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries- OH MY!

Pennsylvania’s freshest fruit and vegetables are ripe for the picking! This summer season brings opportunities¬†to visit farms that are overflowing with vibrant colors and variety of freshly picked healthy choices to munch on for a quick snack on the go. Visiting farms that allow you to pick your own produce is an excellent way to support local small farms, dig your hands into how we create the food we eat, and save money on the freshest food you’ll find!


Not sure where to find the closest “Pick Your Own” farm?

Follow this link:

Now that you have scoped out the best location to pick your fruits and veggies- let’s uncover the best way to use them! Websites such as Pinterest and are great ways to gather ideas– but for the families would want to spend less screen time searching and more family time playing this website makes it easy! Just enter what you have on hand in your kitchen and the site will show you several different recipe options using what you have on hand!

I searched the seasonal vegetables in my area of Pennsylvania (which can be found at and discovered an amazing and simple side dish that is perfect for hot summer nights and spicy main dishes.

Raita is a quick Indian dish that combines cucumbers, yogurt, fresh herbs and spices, and a few carrots. What is great about this recipe is that you can use what you have on hand and suit it exactly to your taste! 


Gather the freshest cucumbers, carrots, and herbs from your local farm, or even your backyard! If your family loves the taste of fresh onions, tomatoes or colorful bell peppers, mix them in- the more the merrier!

Wash and cut the vegetables to your preference.

Mix enough plain yogurt to coat your vegetables and preferred herbs and seasonings. Go crazy- this is about making healthy food that YOU like! Love the crisp taste of mint- finely mince and mix it! Chives are where it is at? Chop your chive finely and incorporate into the yogurt mix.

Healthy eating can be inexpensive and easy!