A visit to Londonderry School, Farm to Early Care and Education Champion Awardee

Harrisburg, PA

by Kelsey Porter, The Food Trust

A big harvest salad of crisp greens, peppery radishes and mild onions was on the menu in early June at Londonderry School near Harrisburg, PA. This salad was particularly special because the private school’s forty two preschoolers had a hand in growing, maintaining and harvesting the vegetables as well as assembling (and eating!) the lunch. This tradition of a June garden-harvest lunch has been going on for more than 15 years. Recently, the school has expanded the garden and has plans for additional farm to early care and education activities, such as farm field trips. There are two CSA farmer families who have come in to speak with classrooms, and now the goal is to get the kids out on the farm.

Preschool teacher Jen McGeorge notes that it is “amazing what kids are willing to try when they have a part in growing it.” Even the pickiest eaters enjoy trying the garden produce!