Ready Set Grow Advisory Board Meetings in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Harrisburg

The Ready Set Grow Advisory Board met over the last several weeks in gatherings in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Harrisburg. At each meeting, Advisory Board members began mapping out what Farm to ECE Regional Learning Collaboratives could look like in their respective geographic areas. The groups brainstormed who from their local communities should be involved and what next steps should be taken.

On July 25, the Pittsburgh Advisory Board held a kick-off meeting at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. Will Tolliver and Tacumba Turner were joined by Jamese Kwele and Emily Schmidlapp from The Food Trust.

On August 7, the Philadelphia Advisory Board met to explore opportunities for advancing support for farm to ECE through the development of a regional learning collaborative. Yoshiko Yamasaki, Shenita Patterson and Gallisa Jones were joined by Jamese Kwele and Mackenzie Kemp from The Food Trust.

On August 15, Jocelyn Kreig, Martha Faust and Becky Aardweg were joined by Deb Bentzel, Kelsey Porter and Isel Otero-Vera from The Food Trust and Michelle Smith from the PA Head Start Association for an Advisory Board meeting in Harrisburg.