Gifting Local Foods at the Holidays

December is one of the busiest times of the years with celebrations occurring through out the month. While it may seem harder to include local food during the colder season, winter is an excellent time to spread awareness about the local farms that you use! Creating DIY gifts using locally made materials is the best … Continued

Bring Local to the Table in December

Utilizing local foods can seem easier during the warmer months. Farmer’s markets are buzzing with fresh and colorful food, grocers highlight the “local farm” choices, and it’s often cheaper to boot! What happens to eating local when the ground freezes? Head to the dairy farm! Local dairies are a year round (and delicious) way to support … Continued

Fresh New Look for Keystone Kids Go

Keystone Kids Go is a statewide collaboration of strong organizations that focuses on improving the health and wellness of Pennsylvania’s children. The website has been updated and has a fresh look for the new decade! Within the pages of the website there is a treasure trove of resources that support early childhood educators, coaches, families alike. … Continued

Make “Giving Tuesday” work for you!

Let’s face it- the typical school year is four months in and it can be difficult to keep it looking “First Day of School” fresh. Little fingers have, most likely, experienced every crevice in your room and your students have gone through the process of learning how to function in the classroom setting. This might … Continued

Horticulture Therapy

Close your eyes and imagine you are kneeling in front on the warm grass, a plot of dirt before you. Feel the sunshine on your bare arms. Listen to the wind blow the green leaves above you. Relax your shoulders and take a deep breath, inhaling the sweet spring air. Slowly lean forward and press … Continued

You are going to LEARN TODAY!

As the fall season slowly fades into crisp weather, it may seem as though it is harder to introduce fresh fruits and vegetables into your program’s curriculum. It can become more expensive to purchase the products and harder to created learning environments with less than peak produce. How can you still incorporate FARM 2 ECE … Continued

Scranton Lackawanna Welcomes You

Sending your preschooler off to school for the first time can feel a bit daunting. New rules, new friends, new teachers. As a parent it can often be harder than what your child is feeling! Walking into the Moosic Center, one of the many sites of Scranton Lackawanna Head Start system, a feeling of family … Continued

Mâche by any other name

What is in a name? This little lettuce has a nutty flavor, fall harvest season, and more names than leaves on each plant. Corn salad,[3] common cornsalad,[4] lamb’s lettuce,[3] mâche[3], fetticus,[3]feldsalat,[3] nut lettuce,[3] field salad, and rapunzel all refer to this delicious little veggie. It is one of the few vegetables that can be harvested late … Continued

Have you heard The Dirt?

Hot of the presses! PHSA is thrilled to offer the newest exclusive PA Farm to ECE Newsletter:   Within this virtual newsletter, you’ll find the following features: – One of the many benefits of bringing farm fresh foods to local centers is the positive impact on our environment. Small Changes will include other ideas to … Continued

Ideas, Ideas- Now How Do I Fund It??

We have so many amazing opportunities to bring in healthy eating and easy gardening tips for the classroom- but how do you fund it? Turn your puppy dog eyes away from your neighbors, friends, family, and (lets be real) every local store from which you can sweet talk donations. Check out these easy grant opportunities. … Continued