F2ECE + Your program + PHSA= Ready Set Grow Success!

As the school year begins, we are looking forward to hear from YOU! We know that you are working diligently to provide Farm to ECE opportunities to your students and families and we want to hear about it! We are passionate about highlighting how your site is working with local farmers. Have you planned a … Continued

PA Go Napp Sacc Mini Grant Available!

As the school year begins and the time seems to evaporate quicker than your task list it can feel daunting to hit every goal and CQI plan for your program. Policies surrounding healthy eating, obtaining local food resources, and CACFP guidelines seem to be evolving quickly. You would like to offer the families you serve … Continued

August Activities

There seems to be two camps when it comes to how August is viewed. There is a group of people who grasp onto to every wisp of summer breeze, stock their freezer with pops and honey drips, and refuse to wear anything other than a bathing suits or- at the most- shorts well into September. … Continued

Understanding the Kids Eat Local Act

You throw a stone into the middle of a pond and soon you will see the ripples it has caused reach the shore. When schools and centers purchase local foods, the ripple is felt large and wide. Not only does it support local farmers, which in turns allows money to be filtered throughout the community, … Continued

Making Memories for Future Generations

  Every July my mom, Momma Jo, and I  would wake up early, fill our bottles with ice cold water, and head down the road to our favorite orchard. We would always argue with ourselves over how much fruit we would need and eventually settle on the biggest container, knowing that we would always find … Continued

Making the most out of your WIC benefits at Farmer’s Markets

According to the USDA  fact sheet, Pennsylvania’s Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants and Children, also known as WIC, and the Farmers Market Nutrition Program have partnered with over one THOUSAND farmers in the Keystone State to provide fresh, unprepared fruits and vegetables to eligible mothers and children. WIC and the FMNP provides this seasonal … Continued

Happy Blueberry Month!

Imagine the warm sun blanketing your shoulders, eyes scanning rows and rows of leafy green bushes for the prize of the day. You see pops of dusty lilac and you know you are getting close, but you aren’t quite there. You need to crouch down, tip toe over, and squeeze through the mazes of foliage until … Continued

Making the most of seasonal food

Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries- OH MY! Pennsylvania’s freshest fruit and vegetables are ripe for the picking! This summer season brings opportunities to visit farms that are overflowing with vibrant colors and variety of freshly picked healthy choices to munch on for a quick snack on the go. Visiting farms that allow you to pick your own produce … Continued

New PD Alert! Let’s Cook with Kids!

Twelve pairs of eyes were staring at me with excitement and eagerness. Everyone was pining for the exclusive job of cracking an egg. The cookie recipe called for 2 eggs- you read that right- baking sugary cookies with ingredients I brought from home- it was a different time then! We has washed our hands, talked … Continued

Cooking and CACFP

Looking for recipes that follow CACFP guidelines? The USDA Team Nutrition offers recipes with serving sizes ranging from household to child care sizes 50-100. These recipes use fresh ingredients, whole grains and are lower in fat, sodium, and sugar. Programs that participate in a USDA nutrition program can request free copies of many of these … Continued